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Jared Goff Scouting Report - NFL Draft 2016 (QB, Caliifornia)

NFL and Cal Bears fans... it looks like Jared Goff is the top QB entering the 2016 draft. Given that I watched every game Goff played at Cal I figured I'd give a scouting report:

1. Smart pocket passer - He's doesn't run around much and makes smart decisions. He improved steadily in college and his playbook expanded every year. Takes well to coaching
2. Efficient - he threw some interceptions this year, but he generally doesn't turn the ball over much. Most of the interceptions I recall were balls that hit receivers and had no business going the other way
3. Footwork - if you ever watch Goff, his feet are always moving. He's not fast, but his technique makes him elusive
4. Big Plays - he throws it all over the field. Goff throws the deep ball, goes over the middle and accumulates yards . This isn't a guy who put up big stats bc of screen passes that went 95 yards. He earns those stats
5. Best of the pack - Goff puts up points fast. Cal would've been in national bowl games with a good defense. When I watched Alabama, Clemson, Michigan St. and Oklahoma I didn't think any of them had the QB/offensive play of Cal. Just no comparison
6. Character - there aren't any red flags on that end. ran a great offense and never seems to make negative noise on or off the field

1. Clutch gene? This is a take you probably won't hear much about. I watch Goff (Cal) and Eli Manning (NY Giants) as a fan. Eli always comes through in the big moment. Goff doesn't seem to have that DNA... If you want to watch a prime example, watch the turnaround game this year for Cal against Utah when Cal was 5-0. It was a primetime college gameday game where Goff had multiple chances to win that game and fell flat. Ernie Accorsi famously drafted Eli because of that "clutch gene" he saw in HS/Ole-Miss. I don't see it with Goff
2. Slight Build: He's tall, but thin. He put on some weight at Cal, but he might get beat up in the NFL. Might not be a huge issue, but NFL defenses are more physical

Bottom line: He'll be very good and will lead a team into the playoffs multiple times. I think the "clutch gene" may leave him in the Andy Dalton/Matt Ryan zone, which is still very good.


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